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We upgrade our doorbells, add touchscreens to our refrigerators, and even install fancy gadgets onto our toilets.

But what about the door mat? 

For centuries, the door mat has gone untouched by innovation and technology, leaving us forced to choose from a selection of neutral-colored mats sporting a cliché saying or cursive "hello" that never really satisfies aesthetics or function. 

This is why we decided: The door mat deserves an upgrade.  

 The first of its kind, Nebula Mat is a highly intuitive smart door mat that automatically sprays your shoes with an EPA-registered solution. Leaving out no detail, the integrated drying pad absorbs any excess solution so you can step, wipe and go into your home worry-free.


Did you know: Your shoes are dirtier than a toilet seat. 

According to a recent study done by the University of Arizona, up to NINE different species of bacteria were found on the participant's shoes with up to 440,000 units of bacteria on one single shoe.


These statistics alone are enough to make your skin crawl. But beyond simply being gross, these germs sneaking into your home can be seriously harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones. A few of the harmful bacteria particles found in the study include:

  • E. coli, a source of urinary tract infections and diarrhea

  • Pneumonia-causing Klebsiella bacteria

  • Serratia ficaria, which causes respiratory tract infections

  • Meningitis-causing bacteria 

Think about the places you've walked just today. Now imagine all of those germs living on the items you use in your home on a daily basis, or on the floor that your children play on. In a time where health and safety is a top-priority, Nebula Mat is the solution to peace of mind in your home.


Height = 2.7” 
Length = 33” 
Width = 21”  
Weight estimated 20 lbs 


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1. Sensor Activation That Detects You As You Walk Up

Our smart motion detectors sense you as you walk up to the door and wake up the mat to prepare for use. The touchless activation then sprays instantly as you step onto the Nebula Mat misting pads.


2. Automated Mist Sprays Your Shoes With EPA-Registered Solution

The misting pads trigger a medical-grade solution that is safe for any type of shoe sole and minimizes germs. Wearing open-toe shoes or heels? No worries! Our solution is safe if in contact with skin.


3. Integrated Microfiber Drying Towel To Absorb Excess Solution

We pride ourselves on attention to detail with Nebula Mat. The Eco-friendly, washable microfiber drying area finishes the job so you can walk into your home clean as a whistle. When it's time to replace it with a fresh towel, order a new towel from the Nebula Mat website, then remove and recycle the old one for home cleaning purposes!


4. Easy-To-Use Replaceable Misting Pods Delivered Right To Your Door

Changing out the misting pods is simple and convenient with our online ordering system. Your Nebula Mat starter package will include two pods. When the misting solution begins to diminish, it's time to replace it. Our pods are recyclable and you can order replacements on our website with just a click of a button. 









Key Features:

  • Product body material made from durable, hard-shell polymer blend that is built for longevity with daily use. 

  • Drying area with washable, Eco-friendly microfiber cloths. 

  • Use of replaceable & recyclable misting pods for a sustainable solution.

  • Misting pods containing medical-grade solution that is EPA-registered and a safe alternative to harmful cleaning chemicals such as bleach.

  • Weather-resistant model meant for covered entryways.  

  • The sensor detects the user while walking up and triggers the touchless activation when stepping onto misting pads. 

  • Safe for heels, sandals, and open-toe shoes. 

  • Progressive, modern design that compliments your doorway.

Modern Design

It's time to ditch the bristle and cloth when it comes to our door mat materials. Nebula Mat sports a sleek, matte black body made of lightweight and non-porous materials for a modern alternative to the traditional door mat. 

Nebula Mat was designed with aesthetics at the forefront to present a new standard for the way we think of a door mat. Our inspirations come from beautiful, yet functional products that have been game-changers in their industries.

We challenged ourselves to break the status quo in the door mat industry with unique features and appealing design, a combination that has yet to be seen in this space. The kind of door mat you'd be proud to put in front of your home - and your friends will want to take home with them.

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